From 400 to 22

Mayor prods council to move forward with nuisance abatement

By Fred Arnold – Telescope publisher

It took some prodding from Belleville Mayor Kim Lapo to get the city council off of dead center on the final steps of the nuisance abatement ordinance. But once council got moving things got done fairly quickly.

Carol Torkelson from North Central Kansas Regional Planning made a presentation to city leaders regarding pending action on the final parcels of property named in the first section of the city’s wide-sweeping nuisance abatement ordinance.

“We started with 441 properties and tonight are are down to the final 22 that you need to deal with,” Torkelson told council members.

But when it came time for the city to take action on enforcing clean up of those property hold outs, council members were lax to take any action. The first property named for abatement was 2609 K Street. A motion was made by councilman Doane Sells to proceed to the final step (city clean up) but died for lack of a second or any discussion.

“As much as I don’t want the council to abate, it’s the right thing to do,” Mayor Lapo said. “We need to enforce our ordinance.”

“We have hundreds of people who have taken care of their abatements, if we don’t (enforce the ordinance) we will lose teeth in the ordinance.”

Following the mayor’s lead, council members again took up abatement for the property at 2609 K Street and this time passed the measure.

Other properties addressed and council approved action were as follows: 2616 l Street, granted a 30-day extension; 1907 M Street,. abated; 2010 M Street, abated; 1107 22nd Street, abated; 816 23rd Street, granted a 60-day extension; Hwy 36 (near the museum) deemed an unsafe structure and recommended for demolition; 2030 J Street, abated; 2012 I Street, deemed an unsafe structure and recommended for demolition; 2002 G Street, abated; 1826 G Street, abated; 2010 F Street, granted a 30-day extension; 1206 18th Street, granted a 30-day extension; 18th Street (no address), abated; 904 23rd Street, abated; 720 23rd Street, abated; 2040 K Street, abated; 2115 H Street, abated; 1846 K Street, abated; G Street (no address), abated and 2006 Hwy 81, abated.



What is the Nuisance Abatement Program?

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