Four Years Coming

Delinquent Tax Sale Set For June

By Deb Hadachek Telescope News
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Republic County will conduct its first delinquent tax sale in almost exactly four years on Tuesday, June 11 at 10 a.m. at the Republic County District Courtroom.

A dozen properties with three years back taxes due on September 30, 2016, will be sold. The total amount owed in taxes owed on the properties on that date is about$34,000. Back taxes owed on individual properties range from $395.14to $7,452.63 for a property in Munden. Each property also has been assessed $400 in fees in connection with the sale.

Republic County Clerk Kathleen Marsicek said the amounts owed on some properties also include liens from creditors, including the cost for cities to mow neglected properties.

Nine of the properties are in Belleville, and one each in Cuba, Republic and Munden.

A legal notice detailing all the properties appears in this edition of the Telescope.

“Important: all these properties still belong to the owners up until the time of sale,” said Republic County Treasurer Cindy Coons. “As an interested party, you are not allowed to trespass or enter the property without the owner’s consent.”

The day of the sale, Coons said bidders will be required to register for a number in her office, and provide information for deeds if they are the winning bidder of any property. Individuals who owe any back taxes of their own will not be allowed to bid.

The sale will be conducted by auctioneer Roger Novak.

Coons suggested to Republic County Commissioners Edwin Splichal and Melvin Jeardoe that they tour the properties on the list to see if they want to set any minimum bids on any of the properties. Otherwise, the properties sell to the highest bidder regardless of the amount of taxes owed; any properties that are not purchased will revert to the ownership of RepublicCounty.

Commissioners have said they would like to see a tax sale held every year. The last sale was held in June 2015.

“After the dust settles we’ll start the process on the next one,” said Republic County AttorneyJustin Ferrell.