Farmers’ Market Regional Workshops

Farmers’ markets are growing across the state and continue to be an important source of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy and other value added agricultural products from small towns to large metropolitan areas. In 2019, 57 farmers’ markets were registered with the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Central Registration of Farmers’ Markets.

To support Kansas’ farmer’s markets, we are pleased to offer six workshops throughout the state. These workshops will be held in February of 2020. Agendas and registration information will be posted as it becomes available.

View Presentations from the 2019 Farmers’ Market Workshops

*Note: An interactive training session for the Kansas Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program is required for all new farmers who wish to participate in the SFMNP. Interactive training may occur online or during an interactive training (such as those hosted during these Farmers Market Workshops). Returning farmers may complete their training and annual agreement online or at an person training. All farmers must submit an annual agreement to KDHE. Visit

*Vendors can also bring their sales scale to get tested and certified for FREE by the Kansas Department of Agriculture. Vendors planning to get their scale certified will need to provide up to 5 years of scale test reports or, if the scale has never been certified, it must have an active NTEP Certificate of Conformance. The following is a link to the NTEP Certificate website where you can research the status of your scale:

***Reimbursement scholarships are available for farmers market vendors or Extension personnel to attend the regional workshops ($100 scholarships). Contact Kerri Ebert, for more information on the scholarships. Applications are available at:

This workshop is supported by the Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture and Alternative Crops (KCSAAC) and the Kansas Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program (SARE).