Downtown Bar & Grill To Re-open

Copper Room Event Center Available For Rent

By Fred Arnold – Telescope Publisher

A downtown Belleville landmark is in the process of re-opening.

Doug Wilkinson, owner of the After 5 Sports Bar and Copper Room announced last week that he will be re-opening.

“We would like to be open in time for Christmas,” Wilkinson said of the facility that has been closed for two years. “Downtown Belleville is seeing a resurgence and there is a definite need for the type of services that we offer, so I decided rather than having the building sit empty, it would be a great time to put it back in to operation.”

Venue For Events
Wilkinson said that the Copper Room, which is the north building to the facility, will be available for parties, meetings, and other private events.

“There is a huge void in space in Belleville for people to be able to gather for private events,” Wilkinson said. “The Copper Room is perfect for that. We feel like we can host up to 200 people comfortably.” He said the space available is 4,000 square feet.

“There will not be food offered in the event center, but we can provide a list of people who do catering if people need that,” Wilkinson added. “We will, however, provide a bar for that venue.”

Bar Food Available
Wilkinson said the sports bar portion of the facility will be offering a menu of ‘bar food. “Basically, if it goes in a fryer or on the grill, we will serve it. Burgers and fries, chicken strips, that sort of thing,” he added. Wilkinson said as niche businesses continue to gain traction in Belleville. “People seem to want the types of things we will be offering, so it looks like it’s going to be a good fit.”

Wilkinson said final touches are being put on the inside of the building and he is hoping to be open in time for Christmas. He said right now he is hiring for a manager, bar and wait staff.

Persons interested in applying should send a letter of interest and application to 1826 M Street, Belleville Kansas, 66935 or call 785-527- 8081 and leave a message.

“It’s really great to see things moving in a positive direction in Belleville, There are a lot of things going on with new businesses, jobs available and we are excited to be a part of it,” Wilkinson said.