Digging into the past

–Telescope photo by Deb Hadachek

Two groups of archealogy and anthropology students from the University of Kansas and other volunteer amateur archeolgoists spent 10 days each at the Pawnee Indian Village State Historic Site south of Republic in June to continue excavation of a Pawnee Indian lodge first opened in 2008. Professor Jack Hofman said the work this trip was to try to indentify the entrance to the lodge (shown in the museum model above left). “Pawnee had a distinct way of using interior space,” he says, and the research helps students identify the heirarchy and roles of a Pawnee family who lived in the lodge in the 1700s and 1800s. Hofman said students found numerous pieces of pottery, metal and bones in their 2017 excavation, many that are revealed as they wash and sift through dirt taken from the excavation (right). The students camp in Republic, and also had an opportunity to visit with Pawnee band descendants and visit other historical sites in Republic County.