Depot Market’s Prairie Berries


By Dan Kuhn

Every so often, a thirty-something person comes in the Depot and says something like “When I was a kid my gramma would bring my sister and I to the Courtland orchard to pick apples. We had the best time. It was a happy childhood memory.” We, at the Depot miss that. We miss the families and especially the little kids, running around in the orchard with half-eaten apples in their hands.

We don’t do, pick your own with apples anymore, but in a few weeks we have another pick-your-own crop which we hope will be as enjoyable as the apples were. Just east of the Depot, where apple trees were, we planted thornless blackberries on a rotating arm trellis last year. This trellis allows us to lay down the canes in the wintertime and protect them from winter injury with a row cover. Those driving by may have seen the white sheet looking things covering the blackberries in the winter months.

Winter injury has always been the limiting factor for growing blackberries this far north and west. We just passed through a pretty harsh winter and lo and behold, we have blackberry crop which will be ready to pick in about three weeks. We’re looking forward to providing yet another Cool Fun Activity for the Republic County area!

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