Daycare to add pre-school this spring

Daycare to add pre-school this spring

By Cynthia Scheer Telescope News

USD 109 board members gave preliminary approval on Monday night to provide a soon-to-expand child care facility with food service. Little Sprouts Daycare owner Ashley Nutsch told school board members that she plans to open a 26-child daycare and pre-school facility on May 1, but she will be required to have a commercial kitchen in the facility or contract her food service with someone who does. Superintendent Mike Couch told board members that he supported the venture, and while there was no contract to sign yet, he thought the district would “break even” providi

Couch said that while the increased responsibility of making more meals and delivering them to the pre-school will cause “a little more headache,” to district staff, he thought the community needed the services of a pre-school like Nutsch’s

Couch said the district will likely have to purchase a food warmer to transport the meals, but he didn’t see a problem with working together with Nutsch.

Nutsch opened her current 12-child daycare in September in a rented house in Belleville. She was full within hours with a waiting list of a dozen more children. She then began working on a plan to open a larger child care facility, which she said she hopes to do by May 1.

She purchased an empty lot on N Street and will have two custom-built lofted cabins moved onto the property. One cabin will house the daycare for children ages birth to three while the other cabin will house the pre-school – named Bright Blossoms – for children ages 3-5. Nutsch, who said she hopes to complete her student teaching this fall and receive her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education by December, said she has enough hours in the profession to be the director of the facility without a degree.

The new facility will employ five full-time employees and four part-time employees, including some high school students who help with activities and lesson plans at her current daycare.

Before opening a daycare Nutsch was an assistant teacher at the now-closed Stepping

Nutsch said she has filled 18 of the 26 spots for her new daycare and pre-school facility. She can have a maximum of 38 children with the hiring of additional staff.

Nutsch, who lives in Narka and commutes to her Belleville daycare, said only four of the 18 committed

The fee to attend the new facility will remain the same as it is now at her current daycare: $100 a week per child

“My main goal is I want to be the most affordable daycare in the county that provides good quality care,” she said.