Dan’s Auto Body Relocates To Downtown Building

By Laura Leite Telescope News

If you are looking for Dan’s Autobody, they have moved to the old Sankey building Northwest of the square in Belleville, Kansas on the first of November.

Even though Dan Wilber had a great relationship with the owners of the building that he rented for his shop, he had been thinking of buying his own building for a while. When the former Sankey building became available, he decided that it would be a good move for himself and his business.

“It seems a little crazy to be taking this on in the twilight of my career, but I felt that the business needed to have its own place in case I ever needed to sell it,” said Dan.

Dan then said, “Although, I can’t imagine that I would ever sell my business because I couldn’t stand to leave my customers. My customers become my friends and that never ends.”

“I wouldn’t want to be in business any other place,” said Dan. “The community has been fantastic and helped us whenever we needed it and I want to give back to the community.”

“I have customers from Kansas and Nebraska that rely on my service work – they trust me to do the best that I can, just like I trust others to do the best that they can,” said Dan.

The new location is a good move for the body shop because of the higher visibility and additional room but as with any expansion or move there are growing pains. Dan feels that it will be a year before the building is where he wants it, but he has not stopped repairing vehicles for his customers.

“I picked a bad time to move because it was the beginning of deer season, but it has been good to have an income during the move,” said Dan. “I am very thankful for my friends and family that have helped during the move.”

Dan has been self-employed since 1987, he went to vo-tech for autobody and then worked for his uncle and Melton’s for a while before housing his business in Klimas and then the building by Trigard.

Currently, Dan’s Autobody can offer contactless repair and has not been affected by the pandemic except for a grand opening. “We would like to have a fun grand-opening party next summer. We will make it an old-fashioned celebration, I think everyone will be ready,” said Dan.