Cuba has lost a guiding light, Dale Huncovsky

Dale Huncovsky center and Tom Lesovsky on the right. (Photo credit Wichita Eagle)

Letter to the Editor / The Belleville Telescope

November 18, 2014

Dear editor:

Cuba has lost a guiding light, Dale Huncovsky.

I tried to emulate two people when I decided to become active in Cuba: Dale Huncovsky and Tom Lesovsky. Both work(ed) tirelessly for the betterment of the community.

Dale had an endlessly creative mind, constantly seeking ways to make Cuba a better place in which to live, work and play. He was the main force behind many of the unique activities in Cuba, street dances, parties and even airplane drops of kids toys. HIs list of contacts was a rich treasure trove of people who would try anything just for fun. His gregarious nature made any stranger a friend, along with a request to do something for Cuba.

Who will take his place?

Dale’s run for Mayor was predicated on the chance of helping the City and the Cuba Booster Club to work in close harmony. While his campaign to clean up the junk in Cuba caused him some grief and lost some business, there is no denying that a cleaner, safer, more pleasant Cuba is beginning to take shape. Who will fill that void?

Cuba Cash Store and Two Doors Down created a lifeline and meeting place for many residents and visitors. The work Dale and Laverna put into those places was heroic and tiring.

Cuba needs those businesses. Laverna is super creative and a hard worker. Who will take the reins?

Leadership can be taxing, but someone has to step up. Who will fill that role?

Dale Huncovsky loved Cuba and loved the Community Hall. His large presence will be missed.

Brian G. Angevine – Cuba

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