City to sell TIC, downtown lots

By Fred Arnold Telescope publisher

On Monday Belleville city leaders voted to officially sell the closed Travel Information Center building on US81 and 12th ST, and the downtown lots are commonly known as the Republic Hotel block.

On a 5-1 vote, with councilman Doane Sells casting the only dissenting ballot, the TIC will be turned over to the NCK Industrial Development group and listed for sale. Council members are adamant that net proceeds from the sale be returned to the city.

“The city has lost literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on the TIC over the years so it’s only fair that the net proceeds come back to the city,” Dr. Roger McCartney said.

A ‘for sale” sign will also be placed on the Republic Hotel lots. With an influx of traffic for the coming NCK Free Fair, it is hoped the area might garner some interest from possible buyers. NCKID will also market those lots. The motion passed on a 4-2 vote. Council members Shaun Herring and Steve Scofield voted against.