City attorney tenders resignation

Belleville City Attorney Rachel Zenger has resigned. Zenger, who has served as the city attorney since 2014, has accepted a full-time position with another city. Members of the local city council made the announcement Monday following a 15-minute executive session. In another

In another high profile, matter Monday city manager Neal Lewis told council members that the oft-discussed Travel Information Center will again be brought to the forefront of discussion. Lewis said he has been working on several options for the TC and that the issue will be discussed at the Feb. 20 city council meeting.


City Attorney City of Belleville, Kansas Responsible for City legal services requested by City staff, City Council and related to Municipal Court. Part time position with bi-weekly Council meetings. Responsible for City Ordinances, City police prosecutions and varied City related legal opinions. Send resume to P.O. Box 280 or contact 785-527-2288 for more info.