Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week With Art

Republic County Economic Development in partnership with NetWork Kansas is celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week with a $250 grant to our local high school art classes. Participating students from Republic County and Pike Valley HS worked with their teachers to focus on a local entrepreneur. They used a variety of mediums to feature their businesses and the owners.

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Learn more at – genglobal.org

Republic County, KS – Global Entrepreneurship Week is November Nov. 15 – Nov. 21st, 2020. Network Kansas and Republic County Economic Development are celebrating along with 170+ countries, 10 million people, through 35,000 events.

NetWork Kansas provided RCED with a $250 grant for a creative project to celebrate entrepreneurship in the county which was awarded to the Republic County and Pike Valley HS Art Classes. This is a continued project from the previous year with both classes featured at the local Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge.

Funds provided will be used for art supplies for the students to feature a local entrepreneur and each project will use a variety of mediums to feature the local business’s product, service, or owners.

The project aims to foster a better understanding of entrepreneurship in the county with youth and show them the impact it has on our communities. The students have seen how art and entrepreneurship are based on problem-solving with creativity and communicating an idea to an audience. Other shared themes between the topics are: passion, time management, budgeting, leadership, and craftsmanship.

The artwork will be displayed on March 2nd at the Republic County Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) if in person at Republic County HS in Belleville or online if virtual.

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