Casey’s General Store Expands in Belleville


From The Belleville Telescope

Under construction

A major addition project is underway this week at Casey’s General Store at US36 and M ST, Belleville. Manager Tammy Frye said the addition to the west side of the building will include more storage and a larger cooler, while construction on the east side of the building will expand the kitchen to add a sub shop.

“Casey’s wants to put sub shops in all of their stores,” Frye said.

She said the Belleville project has been on the list for several years. The current Casey’s building was built new in 2005. Frye said she expects the additions to be done in early November, “about the same time at US36 Highway construction is finished,” she said.

The store employs eight fulltime employees, and she said more will likely be added with the expansion. The store is open 24 hours.