Belleville residents urged to ‘clean-up’


April 4, 2018

The City of Belleville Council has approved moving forward with the Nuisance Abatement Program this spring and residents are encouraged to clean up nuisance areas in the City Limits.

“In the next few days an assessment will be conducted and those residents requiring property clean up will be notified by a certified courtesy letter,” says Russ Piroutek, city clerk.

“Sending the courtesy letters out by certified mail assures that the resident receives the notice.”

Piroutek said property owners/tenants will be given adequate time in which to clean up their property prior to the action going before the City Council.

For those properties not cleared, formal action will be taken and the property will be declared a nuisance by the City Council, he said.

Items that will be looked at include unlicensed vehicles (including yard and boat trailers), auto parts, white goods, dead trees, trash and refuse.

The North Central Regional Planning Commission is the designated Nuisance Officer for this project.

In an effort to assist with this clean up, the City of Belleville provides a dumpster (for City of Belleville residents only) for disposing of non-hazardous goods only, such as regular household trash and refuse located at the City Shop near the recycling trailer.

No construction debris or limbs should be left in this dumpster.

“Please take advantage of the City Wide Cleanup beginning on April 9 to dispose of these items,” Piroutek said.

An advertisement in this week’s edition of The Telescope details the items that can be disposed during the citywide cleanup April 9-13.