Belleville Housing Assessment


Belleville Housing Assessment – Volunteers needed for windshield housing survey of the city at 6:30 p.m. July 10th at the Belleville City Office. Contact Luke Mahin with RCED for questions 785-374-3047.

A Belleville Housing Assessment meeting was held at the Belleville City Office Tuesday June 24th. The meeting was facilitated by Luke Mahin of Republic County Economic Development and Doug McKinney North Central Regional Planning. The purpose of the meeting was to provide input to help complete the Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) for the city. The HAT is a tool for applicants to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and priorities. By completing the HAT, applicants will become more aware and informed of their current housing inventory in order to develop relevant strategies for housing improvement that take into account the unique characteristics of the region or community. The HAT is now a requirement for submittal of a CDBG Housing Application, and will benefit communities applying for other state and national housing assistance programs.

The next Belleville Housing Assessment meeting is open to all volunteers who can help with city-wide windshield survey. The group will meet July 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the Belleville City Office to receive city maps. The windshield survey will be done by volunteers walking or driving through neighborhoods and identifying properties as: standard units, deteriorated, dilapidated (unlivable), commercial property, empty lots. The surveys will be completed and returned to the City Office. From the two meetings RCED will conduct final analysis of community input, housing data from North Central Regional Planning, and the windshield survey data.

Once a community completes the HAT they are required to present their community presentation to the Housing Interagency Advisory Committee (HIAC).This core group consists of federal and state agencies involved in the financing of housing:
• Kansas Department of Commerce (Commerce)
• Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC)
• U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development (RD)

Participating agencies evaluate materials presented and offer recommendations. Agencies advise community on the funding possibilities and most likely sources for grants or other opportunities.

All communities in Republic County are encouraged to utilize the HAT to better understand their housing strengths and needs. For more information on the HAT or windshield surveys contact Luke Mahin at 785-374-3047.