Belleville Housing Assessment Meeting



RCED and the City of Belleville are in need of housing stakeholders from the various groups listed in the Housing Assessment Tool attached which include stakeholders such as: City, County, School District, businesses, chamber, youth, minorities, seniors, workers, etc.

If anyone would like to assist us in this process we have our first meeting Tuesday June 24th, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the Belleville City Office. The HAT tool should be completed between two separate meetings which will not last more than a hour or two. Please review the attached documents: a HAT – HIAC Brochure on the Housing Assessment Tool (HAT) and Housing Interagency Advisory Council (HIAC), a sample HAT worksheet, and we will have city maps ready to have group perform windshield surveys of housing.

The HAT tool is now a requirement to access assistance from Kansas Department of Commerce CDBG Housing Program.  Also USDA Rural Development and Kansas Housing Resource Commission (KHRC) are now ranking program applicants highly for completing the HAT tool in their community. The KHRC awarded the Pioneer Group Inc. with $7 million dollars in tax credits in 2013 for the Buffalo Apartments.

In recent months RCED has received additional housing development interest and if Belleville wishes to access future housing programs to assist in new construction the completion of the HAT tool will be necessary.

RCED is facilitating the meeting with the Belleville City Council members acting as group leaders. This group of Belleville housing stakeholders will complete the HAT worksheet together providing insight from various areas of the city. In addition to providing community information the group will split into groups and perform a simple windshield survey to document current housing conditions in Belleville. From our windshield survey RCED can create a similar map to the one below.


The map can help us provide information for developers as well as understand what our housing strengths and needs are. RCED will assist with demographic statistics from recent Census reports and with the help of North Central Regional Planning.

If you are interested is assisting RCED and the City of Belleville with the HAT tool please respond and let us know you are attending. Please forward this on to anyone else who may be interested in helping.

Luke Mahin
Republic County Economic Development