What does it mean to be a community in Rural Kansas?

The Belleville Telescope
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What does it mean to be a community in Rural Kansas? Dictionary.com states that community is “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” When I read this, I think just how true this really is in Republic County.

Being in my position of working with businesses and building relationships has opened my eyes to the extreme high level of community that we truly provide. Belleville is the county seat of Republic County, this decision was voted on by the county in 1870. Since that time we have seen economic growth with the installation of the railroad in the 20th Century and economic regrowth after the railroad left and we were forced to live the American Dream and get creative of how to keep Belleville a prosperous thriving community.

And even today in the year 2019, we have learned to become an interdependent county in order to thrive. Gone are the days of “Oh that’s Belleville’s thing” or “Courtland always does that” and we are now in a great situation to start saying “Scandia does that. I wonder if we can latch on and make it even bigger to benefit both of us.” If we, as community members don’t support each other’s businesses and make a point to see what Republic County has to offer then we are remaining stagnant. We have to keep supporting and brainstorming to generate great new ideas either in the business sector or in entertainment venues in order to keep and retain the great citizens of Republic County.

I’m appreciative of all the support I have received since taking on this job and writing these articles and I am ever gracious of the business community for the continued support and how well you all value the need for a thriving Chamber and Main Street program.

See you next week!

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