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Buildings, structures, vast opportunity!

Belleville Chamber & Main Street and Republic County Economic Development have partnered to host a downtown Buildings Tour on Thursday, October 31st from 5:00- 6:30 p.m. This toured is being put on with the intentions of sparking interest to investors in the community to take that leap and become a business owner in beautiful downtown Belleville. We know and understand that there are people out there that have had the thought of purchasing a building and starting their own business but the fear of being seen with a real estate agent may be the only thing holding you back from pursuing your dreams. You’re in luck; this tour is specifically designed with you in mind. This will be a great option to do some looking and start brain storming and crunching numbers without the world, or your boss, knowing.

Entrepreneurship is a crucial and vital part of keeping small towns thriving and your idea of a business may just be the thing that downtown Belleville needs to flourish and stay vibrant. I am encouraging you to take some time and think and please attend this guided tour.

BCMS and RCED are planning on hosting these tours every six months to keep the interest alive and to fulfill every business owner’s dream of seeing every building filled with business.

There are currently five buildings on this tour which will begin in the old Arbuthnot’s building at 5:00 and continue from there. We have budgeted an hour and a half and feel this should be enough time to adequately view each building and ask the necessary questions. October 31st is the day to be in Belleville and Chamber & Main Street and Economic Development hope to see you and be the spark you need to light the fire to follow your dreams!

See you next week!

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