BCMS Weekly News 10/13/20

Did you know that Republic County is becoming an entrepreneurial hub for both local people and new people coming to the area? Just in the past six months we have seen over four new businesses pop up in Belleville from a pharmacy, small engine repair shop, flower shop, and a laundromat. There are also several plans in place for many more businesses to open up or relocate to a bigger facility within the coming year.

I sit in many meetings and have several conversations daily with business owners and with community dreamers. By dreamers I mean those people who have a vision for what Belleville can become both downtown and on the highways. Visions of hotels, restaurants, manufacturing, and distribution centers come to mind along the Highway 81 corridor. These visions and dreams have been goals of several businessmen and women for well over 30 years and the opportunities for such things happening are just as much possible now as they have ever been. What is that one thing that you feel in your bones Belleville needs in order to grow and thrive? How about that business idea you’ve always wanted to accomplish but haven’t quite gotten the capital to make happen? We currently have six buildings downtown for sale with some other buildings that will be listed very soon. Are you a good baker and your friends and family flock when you try a new recipe? How about opening up a bakery?

Are you a hair stylist looking to go out on your own? We have a turnkey salon with your name on it. What about a nice retail space to sell clothing or gift items? We have just the building for you! The possibilities are endless in downtown Belleville. All it takes is a visit to the building and turn your dream into a reality! Let’s fill up the downtown! See you next week!

Waylon Sheetz Executive Director

Find commercial properties in Belleville on the RCED website here: