Assessed valuation up $7 million

By Deb Hadachek Telescope editor

The assessed valuation for Republic County 2017 is $76,530,152, up $7 million from a year ago, said Republic County Clerk Kathleen Marsicek Monday.

For tax purposes, that means that one mill levied in the county will generate $76,530. Last year a mill was worth $69,500.

The new mill value is being distributed to each taxing unit as they prepare budgets for 2018, she said.

Any unit that wanted to collect more tax dollars above the rate of inflation would be subject to that budget being put to a public vote under the new tax lid law passed by the Kansas Legislature. The tax lid is based on the Consumer Price Index.

“I don’t think that’s going to happen in Republic County,” Marsicek said.

The major jump in the value of county properties is in the value of agricultural land, which increased 14 percent countywide.

Land values in Kansas are based on a formula that determines their “use value” averaged over an eight-year period. That value is determined by the state.

Value of commercial and industrial properties increased 6.5 percent overall, and residences 1.6 percent overall.

Republic County saw an increase in appraised valuation of about $4 million last year due to new construction.

Some government expenses are exempt from the tax lid, including emergency and law enforcement departments. It does, however, apply to money spent on things such as road maintenance, employee pay raises and rising health insurance costs.

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