Anvil Alpacas Allows Visitors To Experience
Animals And Products Made From Alpaca Wool

The Belleville

Anvil Alpacas started 17 years ago by Ray and Brenda Danielson.

“Ray pointed out an ad in a farm magazine selling alpacas, and I said what are alpacas?” Brenda says.

“Alpacas are cousins of llamas and camels, and they are really cute,” she says. “There are short- haired and longhaired Alpacas, but we were afraid with stickers and our weather that the long-haired alpacas wouldn’t be a good fit.”

Huacaya are the shorthaired alpaca breed that that the Danielson’s raise. Alpacas first came to the United States in 1984 from South America.

Alpacas are no longer imported to the U.S.–all alpacas that you see for sale now are born here, say the Danielsons.

“All of our alpacas are registered and can trace their lineage back to their grandma and grandpas in South America,” said Brenda. “One of our first alpacas is Maysi and she is now 17 years old.”

The Danielsons started with four animals and soon added a fifth member to their herd. “Later we learned that the herd does better and is more relaxed when you have five,” said Brenda. “They do not have defenses, so one is always awake and watching,”

said Ray. “If you come here at night, there is always one or two awake and wandering around.”

The Danielsons use tall secure fencing to keep their alpacas safe from predators with additional fencing around the perimeter. Deer are the biggest threat to the Alpacas because of a parasite that they carry.

The Danielsons have sold about 50 alpacas from their herd, but they mostly sell the fleece for yarn.

“I don’t think that we were ever in this for the money,” said Brenda. “Ray has built almost all the buildings on the farm and I just like being with the animals.”

Brenda’s sister, Sandra Bostwick, crochets many of the items in the farm store and has started knitting items. Other items in the store are from South America with the native design. Yarns and felting fiber can also be purchased at the farm store.

The Danielsons welcome visitors to Anvil Alpacas to visit and learn about the alpacas and shop in the farm store. Each Alpaca gets credit for its yarn with a name and picture of the alpaca that produced the wool.

Baby alpacas are expected in mid-May and visitors are welcome to come meet them.

Before visiting, please call Ray or Brenda at 785-361-4853 or 785- 955-0009 to make sure they are home and expecting you. Anvil Alpacas are located at 1880 130 Rd, Belleville, KS 66935.