Anderson: “New Housing Development Almost Ready”

By Fred Arnold Telescope publisher

“We’re this close,” Belleville city manager Adam Anderson said to The Belleville Telescope on Monday as he showed fingers that were about an inch apart.

Anderson said he is asked almost daily how soon before lots are ready for sale at the newly planned housing development. The development, located north of 23rd Street near the Belleville Country Club has 10 plaited sites of approximately one-half acre each.

And his answer:
“Give me one good day and I think we can get everything done.”

Anderson said the city received the engineer’s drawing last week and while it is complete, he says a few tweaks will need to be made. Anderson said the easement for the new development will need to be increased by 10 feet to allow for the utilities.

“That means we either need to widen the easement between the existing houses and the new development a little, which I’m in favor of, or shorten each lot by 10 feet,” he said. “Either way the engineers should be able to change things around fairly quickly to get this done.”

The city manager said there were a couple of details that needed to be worked out to finalize purchase of the land. He said that despite the area being platted, the city does not yet own the ground.

“We should be able to work things out fairly quickly,” Anderson said. “I just need to get together with the seller, hopefully we can get a meeting yet this week.”

When asked…how soon, the city manager said everything would be taken care of with just the stroke of a pen.

“I don’t think it will be ready by next week’s city council meeting, but when everything is put in place all we need is one meeting to get it done at which time the city will annex the ground and be ready to start selling lots,” Anderson said.

“Honestly, if we don’t get it done yet this year, I will be disappointed, we’re that close,” he added.