Abatement Official: We’re Making Headway

By Fred Arnold Telescope Publisher

It took months for city of Belleville officials to get a nuisance abatement officer hired.

Now it has taken just weeks to see noticeable progress.

On Monday Scott McGee, told members of the Belleville city council that he has seen significant progress in people cleaning up their properties. The nuisance abatement officer, who was hired to enforce code on the city’s northeast quadrant, said so far people have been receptive to what he’s doing.

“It seems to be running about 3-1,” he said. “For every one person who is upset about the process, there are three people who are very thankful for us getting things cleaned up.”

To date he said 46 non-compliance letters have been sent to property owners and 40 of them have been “received certified.” He said that six are in what he called, limbo. They have been sent certified mail but not picked up.

McGee said the biggest issue he has found with properties in the northeast area are tires, brush piles and unregistered vehicles. He said one person has moved a vehicle and turned it around so he can’t tell if it is currently registered.

“Looks like there is a little gamesmanship going on there,” Mayor Adam Robertson said.

McGee told the council that moving forward the re-inspection of properties will be started soon.

“It’s been a very interesting process and hopefully mostly on a positive level,” he said.

“I’ve even had people approach me, thank me for what I’m doing, and ask me to follow up on areas of the community that were done in the past.”

Mayor Robertson said it was good to see the process working.

“I think this is all great, it’s really good to see this finally getting done,” he said.