A Business In Creation

Lifelong Floral Designer To Open Belleville Store

By Deb Hadachek Telescope News
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It’s the biggest birthday present he’s ever bought himself, laughs David Pachta.

The Belleville man, who celebrated his birthday April 4, plans to purchase a building on the south side of the square in Belleville to open David’s Creations, a full-service flower shop.

“I’ve bought birthday presents for myself, but never one this big,” he laughs.

While the business is new, Pachta has been in the business for decades.

“I started working at local flower shops when I was in 8th grade,” Pachta says, ticking off a list of former employers that includes Neva Bartak, Jim and Jane Otott, Deb Filipi, Cheryl Eickman and a flower shop in Concordia.

In recent years, he’s designed flower arrangements for customers at his home in Belleville.

“I just like creating,” Pachta says. “You can’t believe the changes in the different varieties of flowers and the colors during the last 35 years. When I started it seemed like everything was just carnations and daisies.”

While people often send flowers for happy occasions, Pachta notes that it’s a special part of his business that he can work with families to provide arrangements for funerals.

“Choosing flowers is often the last thing you can do for a family member,” he notes.

Pachta hopes to be open by mid-May in the building recently vacated by Crossroads Floral. The desire to open a storefront coincided with a plan by Waylon Sheets to open a laundromat in Belleville.

“It all worked out so well,” he said. Both the flower shop and the adjacent building are owned by Dawn Brown, which he and Sheets will purchase and split. An opening between the two buildings will be closed.

Pachta said he has been busy in recent weeks with flower orders and funerals. His suppliers in Topeka and Wichita offer overnight delivery.

“I don’t have any problem getting flowers on short notice,” he said. “I can even order on Sunday and have them here on Monday.”

Pachta said the shop will continue to provide tuxedo rental services, and will add a line of religious gift items.

Pachta received a $21,000 loan to start the business from the Republic County Development committee’s E-Community Revolving Loan Fund.