81 Connection – Belleville to Salina Bus Route

What is 81 Connection?

81 Connection is a fixed route bus service that serves north-central Kansas with three bi-directional trips each day, Monday through Friday. Passengers come from many age groups and different socio-economic levels and use the bus service for employment, medical appointments, social services, shopping, recreation, and other needs.

Where does 81 Connection go?

The 81 Connection bus has stops along Highway 81/135 in Belleville, Concordia, Beloit (at the Highway 24/Highway 81 junction), Minneapolis, and Salina.

What are the bus stop times and locations? 

The 81 Connection bus has multiple stops along the route. Please use the Time Table found below to find the stops closest to you.

You can also use Google Maps or Apple Maps, on either a computer or a smartphone, to find a route. Just use the Transit button to search.

Where does the bus stop in each of the communities?

Click the links for maps of the communities with stops:


What transportation do I use when I get to those communities?

You can connect with a local transportation provider in each of the communities to get to your final destination. Use the links below to find out more information about each.

Belleville/Republic County
Concordia/Cloud County – see also GoConcordia by OCCK
Beloit/Mitchell County
Clay Center/Clay County
Minneapolis/Ottawa County
Salina/Saline County

In Salina:

On each trip to Salina, the 81 Connection driver calls the Salina dispatch office for the passengers that need additional transportation assistance when they get to Salina.  OCCK provides Paratransit services to their destinations.  The passengers will call OCCK dispatch when they need to be picked up to meet the fixed-route bus. 

81 Connection connects passengers to CityGo in Salina, through the transfer points at 7th & Walnut and Walmart. A CityGo day pass is included in the fare for 81 Connection riders going to Salina.

Passengers can also get to the following places:

Abilene – by using KanConnect by OCCK Transportation
Wichita – by using Beeline Express
Kansas City of Denver – by using Greyhound
The World – by using the Salina Airport

Ride a Bike:

81 Connection riders can also use KANcycle bike-sharing bikes to get to additional destinations. Check out the KANcycle website for more information, or download the Movatic app on either Apple or Android.

What does it cost to ride 81 Connection?

The one-way fares are as follows:

Where can I purchase tickets and passes?

  • Passengers must pay the exact fare to the fare box on the bus.  The driver will not make change. Drivers do not sell ticket strips or punch cards. Those must be purchased in advance.
  • Several fare options are available:
    • Per Ride (Cash):  Varies per Fare Chart
    • 6 Trip Ticket Strip (6 tickets worth $1.00 each):  $5.00
    • Punch Card (24 punches worth $1.00 each):  $20.00 (not available currently)
    • Punch Card (48 punches worth $1.00 each):  $40.00 (not available currently)
  • Salina CityGo bus pass will be included in the Salina fare (Make the Connection pass).
  • Locations for purchasing the ticket strips and/or punch cards are:
    • Salina
      • OCCK Transportation, 340 N. Santa Fe, (cash, check or credit cards)
      • OCCK, Inc. Main Office, 1710 W. Schilling, (cash, check or credit cards)
    • Minneapolis
      • Ottawa County Transportation, 817 Argyle, (cash or check)
    • Concordia
      • OCCK Regional Office, 1502 Lincoln, (cash or check)
      • Concordia Senior Center, 109 W. 7th, (cash or check)
    • By mail
      • Send a check or money order payable to:
        • OCCK, Inc., PO Box 1160, Salina, KS  67402-1160
      • Please submit this Order Form with your payment
    • Online
    • Mobile Tickets
      • Riders can also download the Token Transit app on a smartphone for a digital fare payment option. Token accepts debit and credit cards only. Passes must be purchased in advance and shown to the driver when boarding.

Who operates 81 Connection?

81 Connection is operated by OCCK, Inc., which partners with the Kansas Department of Transportation, Solomon Valley Transportation, Inc., and Ottawa County Transportation.

What are the rules of 81 Connection?

Please view the most current version of our Passenger Guidelines.  If you have questions about anything, please call OCCK Transportation at (785) 826-1583 or (855) 577-4337.

How do I find information about weather or other emergencies for 81 Connection?

Information about route closings due to weather or other circumstances will be posted on Channel 12 (KWCH), FM Radio Stations 92.7, 93.7, 95.5, 99.9, 101.7, and 104.9, AM Radio Stations 910, 1150and 1390, and NCK Today.

Passengers should also sign up to received Text Notifications from OCCK about service notifications like closures, shortened hours, weather updates, etc. Text Start OCCKTransit to 80123 to get enrolled.