2021 Official Kansas Travel Guide Listing Information (Republic County)

The following information is required for the purchase of a listing in the 2021 Official Kansas Travel Guide. THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ORDER FORM – the intent is to help you prepare for your listing order(s). Final listing information will need to be entered into the TravelKS.com Extranet (by the Belleville Chamber & Main Street).

2020 Kansas Travel Guide

Listings may be entered into the TravelKS.com Extranet beginning April 1, 2020. Travel Guide listings are $80 until May 31, then the price will be $90 for a basic listing and the early bird rate for highlighted listing is $120, the regular rate is $130. You will receive an emailed invoice after listings have been ordered through the Extranet and approved by Kansas Tourism staff. The deadline to order listings is June 15, 2020.


Payment for travel guide listings are due on July 1st. We understand that because of the unforeseen circumstances surrounding COVID-19, budgets are being reevaluated. To accommodate these sudden changes, we’re offering to extend the payment deadline to December 15, 2020. Please email andrea.etzel@ks.gov to take advantage of this opportunity.

NOTE: If you are entering a listing on behalf of another business, please confirm they want to be listed and that they/or you will be invoiced for the listing before submission.

2021 Travel Guide Paid Listing Criteria

Kansas attractions, dining, lodging, and shopping establishments, and visitor resources can purchase listings in the 2021 Travel Guide. Included in your listing are the title of your business, address, phone number and web address, and a brief description (up to 160 characters).

In order for your business or destination to participate or be considered for a Travel Guide listing, you must:

  • Meet all criteria for a TravelKS.com listing (below)
  • Have a current and up-to-date TravelKS.com listing

TravelKS.com Listing Criteria

Kansas attractions, lodging, dining and shopping establishments and traveler services are encouraged to have a listing on TravelKS.com. TravelKS.com listings are free. Kansas Tourism staff reviews each listing before it is allowed on TravelKS.com. Please allow up to ten business days for listing approval.

Examples of listings include:

  • Arts & Entertainment  – Art Galleries, Art Museums, Music, Night Life, Performing Arts, Roadside Attractions, Casinos, Sightseeing Tours
  • Science & Agriculture  – Farm/Ranch Experiences, Science Centers & Museums
  • History & Heritage – Ethnic/Cultural Sites, Historic Forts/Trails, History Museums, Old West, Landmarks, Sightseeing Tours
  • Nature – Lakes & Rivers, Parks & Trails, Bird Watching, Gardens, Nature Centers, Zoos & Animal Parks
  • Sports & Recreation – Cycling, Equestrian, Fishing, Golf, Disc Golf, Hiking, Hunting, Motor Sports, Recreational Sports, Amusement & Water Parks, College & Professional Sports, Shooting Sports
  • Dining – Destination Dining, Local Favorites, Wineries/Breweries, Fine Dining, Casual Dining
  • Lodging  – B&B, Cabins, Campsite/RV, Hotels/Motels, Lodges, Retreat Centers, Ranch Experiences, Vacation Rentals
  • Shopping – Antiques, Kansas Products, Malls & Centers, Specialty Shops
  • Cities – This would be a general listing for what there is to do in your city. If you create a city listing be sure that the only Category: Subcategory you choose is Cities: Kansas.
  • Travel Tools – Visitor Center; Equestrian, Fishing, Hunting or Water Recreation Outfitters; Event & Meeting Space; Sport Facilities; Transportation (Airport, Rental Car, Taxi, etc…)

All listings should include the following: Complete and current contact information. Address should be an actual physical address, not an intersection, etc. as the mapping feature will not work without an actual physical address. The description should include a detailed overview of the experience. Please include hours of operation.  Including your city name within the description helps the search tool find you more efficiently. Pictures are worth 1000 words – adding photography to your listing is highly recommended. Put yourself in the VISITORS’ shoes when creating and reviewing listings. What information do you find most interesting and helpful when planning a trip in unfamiliar territory?

The following are examples excluded from listing participation:

  • Business/Commercial – Adult Entertainment Facility, Funeral Home, Industrial Park or Plant, Media Facility, Office Park, Radio Station, Television Station, Advertising/Marketing Agency, Website Developer, Research Company
  • Medical – Drug Rehabilitation Facility, Extended Care Facility, Fraternal Home, Hospital, Humane Facility, Infirmary, Mental Facility, Nursing Home, Retirement Home Treatment Center, Veterans Facility
  • Governmental – Jail, Police/Sheriff Office
  • Miscellaneous – Animal Shelter, Mobile Home Park, Subdivision, Veterinary Facility, Community Center, Fitness Center including YMCA and YWCA, Liquor Store, Child Care Facility, Youth Organization, Bank, Convenience Store, Chain Discount Stores and Grocery Outlet

Listing Criteria for FREE DMO Listings

Kansas Tourism provides complimentary listings for DMO’s. The information included in the free DMO listings includes: Title of organization, address, phone number and web address. This information will be pulled from the TravelKS.com database. If you are a DMO, please log in to your TravelKS.com Extranet Account to ensure that your DMO information is up to date.