10 Ways to Ruin a Town

Printed in the Belleville Telescope in 2013, here’s an excerpt of the article.

“…Sometimes it’s hard to know how everyone can contribute. It could take years to list all the large and small things you could do to support a town. Maybe it’s better to start with a what NOT to do list.”

From Keith County (Nebraska) News

‘Ten Ways to Ruin a Town’

1. Never attend public meetings. Criticize the way “they” do things.
2. Always remind others about the cold winters, hot summers and general tough conditions for those who live here.
3. Complain about community groups, volunteers, etc.
4. Keep convincing yourself that it’s not important to attend school programs, church services, concerts, ballgames, etc. You won’t be missed.
5. Knock your public officials, including school teachers and administrators. Talk about the “kickbacks” that the city council and school board must be getting.
6. Stay away from church. You might attend on Easter or Christmas to reassure yourself that all who attend are hypocrites.
7. Make purchases out of town or through catalogs or Internet sites. These firms will give back a lot to your community.
8. Remind others that your local newspaper and other communications are no good and have less local news than out-of-town media.
9. Remember: all kids are delinquents, all businessmen are crooks, and bad remarks about your town are the order of the day.
10. Above all, always be skeptical, cynical and negative about anything designed for the community’s progress and betterment.

Below is the “how to” build community.